Keep Your Smile Healthy This Halloween


Did we scare you? …No? Well, shucks. However, if you’re a parent around this time of year, we can think of a couple things that probably do – and Halloween is high on that list. Aside from the ghouls and ghosts, a big, hidden fear-factor on All Hallow’s Eve is dental health – all that candy can create a true nightmare for teeth. Fear not, however, because at Dentistry for Children, our mission is to provide the absolute best in dental care, so we’ll give you the low down on how to keep smiles safe for many more Halloweens to come.

Candy causes cavities by making the mouth more acidic. The sugar and refined carbohydrates in candy provide food for many of the bacteria that live in our mouth, and these bacteria break down the sugar into acidic by-products that eat away at tooth enamel and cause damaging cavities. Sound scary? It certainly should. Unchecked cavities can lead to some truly frightening consequences down the road.

But before you toss out that hard-earned candy loot, there are ways to minimize the damage done by Halloween candy. The first and most important, as always, is to brush and floss teeth after candy consumption. Brushing and flossing clears away sugar and food particles in the mouth, flushes out acidic compounds, and leaves teeth clean and relatively free of damaging chemicals. After your kids have had all that fun dressing up and trick-or-treating, be sure to have them brush and floss their teeth before bed. Additionally, try not to give candy out over extended periods of time – the higher the frequency of candy consumption, the more time the teeth are exposed to an acidic environment, and consequently the more damage is caused. From an oral health standpoint, it’s a better call to let kids over-indulge for one night than ration candy moderately over an extended period. Keeping frequency low, combined with brushing and flossing after consumption, will keep smiles happy, healthy and cavity free!

Of course, if things ever really get scary, you can always call us – we love hearing from our patients, whether it’s about Halloween or any of the other services we offer. Feel free to contact us at our Montgomery & Wetumpka, AL offices. Have a happy Halloween!


Shaun Dion Hamiliton 2014 Jimmy Hitchcock Award Recepient

Shaun2Congratulations to long time patient, Shaun Hamilton, on receiving the Hitchcock Award this year!! We are proud of your accomplishments and know you will excel at the University of Alabama this year!

Shaun Dion Hamilton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Hamilton, Sr., was named the Valedictorian of the class of 2014 at G.W. Carver High School. Shaun completed his high school advanced diploma requirements in December 2013 and became the first mid-term graduate in school history. He was actively involved in the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society, Carver Ambassador and member at-large of the Student Council, while maintaining a 3.76 GPA during high school. Shaun was also involved in Fellowship Christian Athletes (FCA), and previously served as the Treasurer for the Freshman Class. He received recognition from the G.W. Carver Varsity Football team for having the highest GPA during each football seasons.

Shaun was selected to Class 6A All-State 1st Team as a linebacker by the Alabama Sportswriter Association for both the 2012 and 2013 football seasons. He committed to play college football at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa after pondering over 31 college offers to include: The University of Southern California (USC), University of Notre Dame, Louisiana State University (LSU), Auburn University, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Vanderbilt University and many other prestigious Southeastern and Atlantic Coast Conference schools. He was a participant in the prestigious 2013 U.S. Army All-American Football Game and the 2013 Alabama/Mississippi All-Stars Football games. Shaun plans to study Business Finance at the University of Alabama to help him achieve his goal of being a Financial Manager.

Shaun is very proud of his previous accomplishments that helped structure his life. He attended elementary school at Forest Avenue Magnet School and middle school at Baldwin Arts and Academic Magnet School. After completing the 8thgrade, Shaun decided to continue his academic and athletic excellence by attending high school and playing football at G.W. Carver High School. Shaun is a member of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church where he served as the Assistant Secretary of Sunday Schools, as well as a member of the Junior Usher Board and the Crusaders. Shaun also served as a tutor for his former G.W. Carver football teammates. He is currently volunteering for the Sickle Cell Foundation, American Heart Association, Young Men Christian Athletes (YMCA), and America Red Cross Youth Council.

Shaun seeks to achieve excellence in his endeavors by living his life by this verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverb 3:5-6


Janie Hampton 2014 Jimmy Hitchcock Memorial Award Recipient


Long time patient at Dentistry for Children, Janie Hampton, was recently honored with the 2014 Jimmy Hitchcock Award!  We are so proud of Janie!  Congratulations!

Janie was a three sport athlete at Trinity Presbyterian School from the seventh through the
twelfth grades playing volleyball, basketball, and soccer. During her time at Trinity, Janie established two school records. She is the only female Trinity soccer player to score 100 goals and the only female to score 100 soccer goals and 1000 basketball points. She is currently the 5th all time leading scorer of soccer goals in the State of Alabama.

In volleyball, Janie played libero on the middle school and JV volleyball teams and was named MVP of the CCC Tournament in the eighth and tenth grades. She played on the Varsity volleyball team in 11th and 12th grades and earned All-Metro recognition her senior year. Janie received the dig award for the best defensive player and was voted team captain her senior year.

Janie played varsity basketball beginning in the 9th grade and received many honors. She was All-Metro honorable mention in the 9th grade and All-Metro second team in the 11th grade. As a Junior, she was selected for the CCC All Tournament Team and was also named to the AHSAA Area All Tournament team. She helped lead her team to the Regional Tournament where she was
selected to the All Tournament Team as well. As a senior, Janie, playing point guard, was the MVP of the CCC Christmas Basketball Tournament, the MVP of the AHSAA Area Tournament, and the MVP of the AHSAA Regional Tournament. She led the Lady Wildcats to the final four of the AHSAA State Championship. The Alabama Sports Writers Association named Janie All State honorable mention her junior year and All State second team her senior year. She was the first Lady Wildcat to receive All State distinction since 1997. Her senior year she became the 7th Female Trinity basketball player to score 1000 points and ended her career with 1393 points.
Janie was voted best offensive player. She capped off her basketball career by being named All Metro Class 3A Player of the Year.

Janie played varsity soccer from the 8th through the 12th grades and was the leading scorer each year. In her Junior year she became the first Trinity soccer player to score 100 goals. She ended her career with 149 goals. She received All Metro recognition each year. Following her junior year, she was selected to play in the AHSAA North South All Star game and was named MVP for the South team. Her senior year she was voted team captain and won the Soccer Award.

In addition to sports, Janie excelled in the classroom. She was a member of the National Honor Society, the National French Society, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, and the Forensics Honor Society. She was an Ambassador and Secretary of the French Club and a member of the Key Club and FCA. Janie participated in the YMCA youth judicial program throughout high school and was named a top 10 team for three years.

Janie is a member of First United Methodist Church Montgomery where she was active in MYF, was on the Youth Leadership Team, served as an acolyte, was a children’s church youth helper and pianist, was a VBS teacher, and a covenant disciple teacher. She went on foreign mission trips to Peru and Belize as well as several choir tours in the United States. Through her church and school, Janie performed many hours of community service at local missions. During her senior year, Janie participated in the Montgomery Country Distinguished Young Woman Scholarship program (Jr. Miss) where she was a fitness winner, placed in the top ten overall, and
received a Chancellor’s Scholarship to Troy University.

Being named the 2014 recipient of the Jimmy Hitchcock Award was the culmination of Janie’s academic and sport’s career at Trinity. The Hitchcock award is one she will cherish forever and the one of which she is most proud.

Janie is attending Auburn University on an Auburn University Achievement Scholarship and an Auburn Alumni Endowed Scholarship. She plans to major in biomedical science with a goal of a career in the medical field.

Affects of a Sugary Diet on Children’s Teeth

At Dentistry For Children, we firmly believe that good teeth and good health go hand in hand. By starting good habits early, such as regular brushing & flossing and fluoride treatments, parents can go far in seeing to it that their children have healthy and beautiful smiles for the rest of their lives.

The foods your child eats play a leading role in their overall dental health. Our Montgomery, AL pediatric dentists encourage parents to limit sugary snacks and drinks and instead provide their children with healthy foods that promote good dental and bone health.

Why Sugar is Bad For the Teeth

Without a doubt, the number one troublemaker for the teeth is sugar. While candy, cakes, cookies and jellybeans taste great, these sugary snacks can wreak havoc on teeth leading to cavities, gum disease, expensive dental work and even tooth loss.

Too much sugar is bad for teeth because sugar sticks to teeth. It gets in between teeth and into cracks and crevices of the teeth. These are the places where bacteria lurks, just waiting to use the sugar to produce acid. This acid eats away at the teeth for several minutes after the sugary food or beverage is consumed which can eventually lead to cavities.

Healthy Snack Options

There are plenty of healthy snacks out there that parents can offer their kids instead of sugar-laden snacks and treats. Here are some healthy snacks children can eat which are low in sugar or void of sugar all together.

Fruits and Veggies Instead of Cookies and Candies

Offer fruits and vegetables as snacks instead of sugary cakes, cookies, etc. Fruits and vegetables with high water volume like pears, melons and cucumbers are best. Have carrot sticks and cheese cubes on hand for your kids to snack on and small packs of cereal, nuts or seeds as children enjoy eating our of small boxes.

Provide Your Child with Good Sources of Calcium

By offering your child milk products like cottage cheese and yogurt, which are good sources of calcium, you’ll be helping to keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy.

Say No to Sodas and Juices and Yes to Water

Sodas and sweetened juices are full of sugar so it’s best to not allow your child to drink them. Try to get your child into the habit of drinking water when he or she is thirsty. Water is perfectly safe for the teeth plus it helps to rinse away any food particles that may be trapped between or clinging to teeth.

Instead of offering your child doughnuts, sweetened cereals and pastries, offer popcorn, pretzels or crackers instead. These foods are far less harmful to the teeth and will be sure to satisfy your child’s cravings for carbs.

Remember that as the parent, you are the one bringing food into your home. In other words, if unhealthy, sugary snacks are not in your home, you cannot give them to your child. If you serve sweets to your child, try to serve them as desserts because there’s more saliva in the mouth following a meal that will help wash away the sugar.

Schedule An Appointment

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for your child, contact our Montgomery, AL office. Our friendly staff is happy to help you schedule an appointment or answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month with Dentistry For Children!

The team here at Dentistry For Children, your leading Montgomery & Wetumpka, AL pediatric dentistry practice, would like to remind everyone that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. The American Dental Association, or ADA, began this tradition in 1941 as a single day event. As the observance has grown over the years, now it’s an entire month of recognition and fun for children of all ages!

Each year during the month of February, dentists across the country raise awareness of the importance of oral health in children. Developing good oral health habits at an early age and scheduling regular dental visits helps kids get a great start on the path to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

This year’s National Children’s Dental Health Month campaign features the slogan “Join the Super Smile Team”. The colorful poster being used for this campaign features Flossy, Buck and the McGrinn Twins along with their best pals and neighbors the Smileys and K-9 the dog. All together, the gang is fighting for good oral health with a super smile!

Parents, teachers and others can visit the American Dental Association website at to download the program planning guide. This guide includes lots of fun, easy-to-do activities, which are all designed to teach youngsters of the importance of good oral health.

The dentists and staff at Dentistry for Children are always focused on encouraging and educating children on proper oral hygiene techniques and practices. Even though it’s entirely preventable, far too many children have tooth decay. We will be reminding our patients and their parents this month that good oral hygiene practices such as thoroughly brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste and regular flossing can help prevent cavities.

Tips for helping kids form healthy dental habits

This month is a great time for parents to motivate kids to take better care of their smiles by following these tips:

Brush and floss with your children

Because your child learns by watching you, make it a habit of brushing and flossing your teeth with your child. You can make a fun game of it if your child is very young. You could even play some music your child enjoys. By setting a timer at 2 minutes, your child will learn to brush his or her teeth thoroughly. Young children have difficulty flossing their teeth themselves so you’ll have to help out by standing behind your child and flossing for him or her.

Download a fun mobile app

There are many free or low cost mobile apps available which are designed to help kids learn the importance of taking good care of their teeth. When you’ve found a game or an activity on an app you like, download it and then sit together with your child so the two of you can use the app together.

play games

Some toothpaste brands like Colgate and AquaFresh have fun games for kids on their websites. These types of games can teach children a wide range of things related to dental health such as what foods are good and bad for the teeth and why it’s important to go to the dentist regularly.

Contact Our Montgomery & Wetumpka Offices

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for your child with our Montgomery or Wetumpka pediatric dentistry practice, please give our main office line a call at (334) 277-6830. We look forward to seeing you and your child soon!

Ask Dr. Schreiber

How Do You Choose Which Teeth Need Dental Sealants, And Why Don’t You Seal All Of The Teeth?

Thank you to one of our awesome patients for the Dr. Julia Schreiberquestion! The chewing surfaces of the molar and premolar teeth have grooves, which are called fissures. Fissures make the teeth more susceptible to decay. These fissures can be deep and can be difficult to clean. Plaque accumulates in these areas, and the acid from bacteria in the plaque attacks the enamel which causes cavities to develop. Dental sealants provide extra protection for the grooved and pitted areas by providing a smooth surface covering over the fissured area.

Dental sealants are usually placed on the first permanent molar, second permanent molar and third permanent molar. These teeth are also known as 6 year molars, 12 year molars, and wisdom teeth. The sealants are not usually placed on the premolars or primary dentition. Due to their smooth surface, the sealant does not stick properly.

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Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month!

The Importance Of Infant and Toddler Dental Care

In honor of February being National Children’s Dental Health Month, the team at Dentistry for Children would like to share some important tips and information about infant and toddler oral health with parents.

Dr. Schreiber and Dr. Cumbus specialize in pediatric and early dental treatment for infants, children and special needs patients. The goal of our practice is to get your child started early on the right path toward good oral health, and to ensure that they have a healthy and beautiful smile to last them a lifetime!

First Dentist Visit By The First Birthday

Your child’s first dental appointment should be scheduled by their first birthday because by then, many of the primary teeth will have started to erupt. When you bring your child in early, they will be able to get acquainted with our office as well as with our doctors and team members. This will help your child feel more at ease when seeing a dentist, which will go far in helping to ensure that good oral health care is maintained for the rest of their life. We focus on providing children with a fun and comfortable environment, but if your child does feel anxious, we suggest letting them sit on your lap during the exam to ease those feelings.

Your Infant’s New Teeth

It’s an exciting time for parents to see their young child’s first teeth come in! These primary, or “baby” teeth, play a vital role in dental development as they help your child chew food properly and speak clearly. Primary teeth also help the jaws develop, and guide the permanent teeth into proper position. Permanent teeth teeth typically replace baby teeth by the time your child is about six years old.

Avoid Early Dental Problems

If a young child has missing primary teeth or has prematurely lost their teeth, a space maintainer may be necessary to hold the natural space before the permanent tooth grows in. Very young children are just as susceptible to plaque and gum problems as adults are, making it extra important to establish good oral hygiene habits early, and schedule regular dental checkups.

Dental Care for Toddlers

It can be challenging for a parent to promote good dental and oral health with a toddler, as it is common for a child in this age group to resist brushing their teeth. You can avoid having this type of power struggle by making tooth brushing time fun. If need be, make a game of it and praise your child for contributing to his or her wonderful, clean smile! You should help your child brush their teeth at least twice daily using a tiny bit of fluoridated toothpaste and a very soft brush.

Schedule Your Child’s First Visit With Dr. Schreiber or Dr. Cumbus

We hope that we’ve been able to inform you a little more on how to best approach oral hygiene with your kids. If you need to schedulea first dental visit for your infant or toddler, please contact us at our Montgomery, AL office one of our team members will be happy to schedule an appointment.

Our Wetumpka, AL office will be opening on February 26th! If you’d like to schedule an appointment to see us there please call us at (334) 277 – 6830.

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